Industry sponsored sessions

1. Gold Sponsor Symposium: Medtronic
Date: Wednesday 26 May
 12:40-13:25 (45MN)
Symposium title: PPVI with Melody TPV -update on indications and latest long-term results
Speakers: Dr Johannes Nordmeyer / Prof Marc Gewillig


  • Prof Marc Gewillig TBC : Timing of pulmonary valve replacement : going beyond the current guidelines.
  • Dr Johannes Nordmeyer : PPVI with Melody TPV – latest long-term results and future treatment options.

Attend this session if you want to know more about:

  1. Long term function of Melody TPV
  2. Melody TPV implant indications and guidelines from latest clinical data
  3. Upcoming technology for PPVI

2. Gold Sponsor Symposium: GE Healthcare

Date: Wednesday 26 May 12:40-13:25 (45MN)
Symposium title: The power of 3D & 4D TTE in children
Speakers: Dr. Linda Daou / Dr. Mohamed Abdelaal / Dr. Ferran Roses-Noguer


  • “4D Echo in CHD” – Dr Linda Daou, MD, Pediatric Cardiology specialist, HotelDieu de France – Hospital, Beirut, Lebanon

  • “The value of ultrasound in congenital heart disease” – Dr Mohamed Abdelaal, MD, Pediatric Cardiology specialist, CDH Kuwait

  • “The 6VC probe, a new era in pediatric 4D ultrasound” – Dr Ferran Roses-Noguer, MD, Pediatric Cardiology specialist, Barcelona

3. Gold Sponsor Symposium: Abbott

Date: Thursday 27 May 12:40-13:25 (45MN)
Symposium title: Optimal Treatment of Atrial Septum Defect in Pediatric Patients
Chair: Prof. Gewillig


  • Device closure of complex ASDs: Dr. Carminati
  • Transcatheter closure of atrial septal defects: how large is too large? Prof. Fraisse.
  • The impact of iterative innovation on clinical outcomes . Dr. Hascoet