Speaker and moderator information


Both moderators and speakers should go into the detailed program well in advance and carefully review your session with times, speakers, their titles and see how much time is spent on discussion.

Moderators: You can preview each individual talk from the uploaded material by clicking on the camera icon next to each title in the detailed program for this session.

Speakers: You have uploaded your presentation to individual talks and no further action is needed.

During the session
Please join the Microsoft Teams link 15 minutes prior to the start of your session.

The general layout of each session will start with a live introduction by the moderators, followed by playback of all pre-recorded presentations, without interruption in between, and finally a discussion phase.

During the playback phase, moderators and speakers can chat with each other only in writing over the same Microsoft Teams link.

When the playback of the last speaker’s pre-recorded presentation is over, the moderators will go live over Microsoft Teams and ask questions to the speakers. Questions they may have prepared themselves and questions submitted by the audience during the presentations.


  • Moderators are responsible for introducing themselves and briefly presenting what the session will be about and which speakers are included in the session.
  • Moderators should point out that the participants/audience can send questions to the speakers via the platform and that there will be a discussion for all speakers at the end of the session.
  • One of the moderators will be responsible for receiving questions from the audience, this means that they should have the platform open, without starting the Livestream on the platform, and view the questions.
  • Moderators are responsible for concluding absolutely no later than the set time for the session.


  • Since your presentation is pre-recorded this video will be used and played for the audience and you will only participate and start talking during the discussion phase at the end of the session.

After your session
Any questions sent in by the audience through the platform can be responded to, in text, by both moderators and speakers. Just go to your session and click the tab titled “Q&A”, and respond by clicking on the plus sign (+) next to each question. The participant who sent the question will be notified of the response and other participants will also be able to see the response.

If you would like to test your Microsoft Teams setup (audio/video/microphone) you can access the general AEPC Support Team.

Link to join as a Speaker/Moderator

  • Has been sent to your email.
  • Can be found by logging in on the virtual platform.
  • Check that you are using the correct link.

Note: links are re-used during the full conference we, therefore, ask you to only access the link 15 minutes prior to your session as you will otherwise interrupt other ongoing sessions. Please also note that if you are contributing to several sessions you have received one email per such session and that the link might vary.